Pick the Right Duvet Cover for Your Bedroom!

Pick the Right Duvet Cover for Your Bedroom!

A duvet cover is a protective shield that keeps your duvet clean and gives a stylish touch to your room, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night. Your bedroom is your dream place which provides you complete comfort and relaxation, and with a right choice of a soft-touch duvet cover, you can make your bed the loveliest place to recline or rest. The difficulty generates when you have to select a duvet case because the markets are swarmed with many types of duvet covers with diverse styles and fabrics. So, it’s necessary to be extra conscious while choosing a duvet covering because it must tie in with the theme of your room. Do you want a simple or a floral duvet cover? What color will go with the theme of your room? Will this cover harmonize with the curtains and other accessories? What kind of look and feel do you want for your room? These points are crucial to be considered before opting for a duvet case. 


The duvet cover that dangles loosely destroys the look of your bedroom and puts you at unease, keeping you restless throughout your sleep. You need to opt for a duvet sheet that fits your duvet perfectly. Measure your duvet rightly and take down the dimensions to get a perfect size duvet cover. Our duvet covers will best match and fit your duvet and won’t droop from corners. 


Single (3')      135cm x 200cm
Double (4' 6") 200cm x 200cm
King (5')         230cm x 220cm
Super King     260cm x 220cm


The choice of fabric depends on your personal preference, contemporaneous weather, and your body temperature. If you feel cold at night, polyester material would be the right option. If you get warm during the night, cotton will suit you best. And if you feel your body temperature fluctuates during the night, polycotton (a blend of Polyester and Cotton) will serve the purpose and meet your needs. 


Polyester duvet cover is soft to touch, and you feel comfy to have it wrapped around you. It retains heat and is the perfect choice for someone who loves to stay warm and cozy during sleep. Polyester duvet cover is easy to wash and clean. You can laundry it in a machine or dry-clean it without any hassle. Follow the manufacturer user guide for its proper care and longevity. 


Cotton is a universal fabric and is breathable and comfortable. A cotton duvet cover makes you feel snug when you feel cold and vice versa. You can keep it clean and tidy by washing or cleansing it. Follow the instructions on the manufacturer instructions manual for proper care and use. 


Polycotton, as the name is self-evident, is a combination of cotton and polyester. When combined, these two fabrics generate a smooth, silky, and crisp texture. This blend bears the mixed features and makes this blended duvet cover breathable, hot, durable, and tear-resistant. Polycotton duvet cover is easy to care for and can be laundered easily. Following the instruction on the user guide can increase the life of your duvet cover.


Unlike cotton, which is a natural fiber, microfiber is made from synthetic materials. It’s a blend of polyester and nylon. It is extra absorbent and an alternative to goose down duvets. Microfiber duvets are lightweight, more comfortable, incredibly breathable, ultra-warm, luxuriously soft in touch, durable, retain their actual shape, and you can buy a microfiber duvet cover at an accessible price. Microfiber duvet covers are your lifetime companions as these covers do not wear and tear so fast. These duvet covers are easy to care for, easily washable, drip dry, and need little or no ironing. Follow the manufacturer user guide for its proper care and longevity. 


Applique Duvet Cover

Applique means to decorate (a garment or larger piece of fabric) with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns. This style gives a funky and chic look to your bedroom and brightens it up. Stylish duvet covers with diverse patterns and colors add elegance and beauty to the overall look of your bedroom.

Embroidered Duvet Cover

Though simple duvet covers symbolize decency, the embroidered duvet covers make the ambience of your room more thematic. These duvet covers have simple to intricate embroidery designs that give them a decorative and stylish look. Embroidered duvet covers fit in perfectly with the curtains and accessories of your bedroom.

Printed Duvet Cover

A color, design, pattern, or picture is printed directly onto the fabric in printed duvet covers. These patterns harmonize with the interior of your room, giving your room a glamorous and sophisticated look as well as providing you with sheer comfort and ease.

Quilted Duvet Cover

A quilted duvet cover promises incredible warmth and comfort. It encases luxurious layers of padding in layers of fabric and keeps pace by lines of stitching. A quilted duvet cover keeps you warm and cozy during the night.


Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of your fabric. The higher the thread count is, the softer and finer the material will be. Our duvet covers range from 200 to 500 in terms of thread count – making it ultra-soft and durable- ensuring there is something for everyone.

Allergies/ Hypersensitivity

Certain fabrics trigger allergies and are not feasible for hypersensitive people. Someone with allegories and hypersensitivity must be careful with the selection of their duvet cover fabric. If some fabrics or dyes cause you a problem, use a duvet cover recommended by your doctor.

But cotton duvet cover (made from natural synthetics) suits those who suffer from hypersensitivity. A tightly woven bed linen is more resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Therefore, a duvet cover with a high thread count may be the solution to many of your problems.

Many people who suffer from allergies prefer to wash their duvet covers often, so make sure your cover can withstand this as most duvet covers are machine washable and do not fade or wear and tear so fast when ageing.


There is a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics in duvet covers to pick from. This guide will help you find the most suitable cover for you. Run over this informative guide and get help buying a perfect duvet cover for you and your bedroom to seek complete comfort and solace.
Are you allergic to certain fabrics? If yes, what fabric duvet cover would you love to have?

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